“Billanook graduates are well-rounded individuals, resilient in the face of challenge, assured through a belief in self, with respect for others and acceptance of difference. Borne out of a strong sense of community, both local and global, they are caring and compassionate, not afraid to take initiative and ably equipped with the skills to do so.”

Our Middle School Learning Framework sees the emergence of three distinct types of learning experiences for our students.

Learning Framework

  • Mastery

    In-depth conceptual and skill-based learning that come from key learning area studies. Many of us will be familiar with the ‘core’ subjects, or the three  R’s. Mastery is  the development of key knowledge and skills within subject fields.

  • Discovery

    Empowering students to leverage their innate and natural curiosity to learn both deeply and broadly. Learning which is self-directed, where students not only pursue their passions, but also develop independent learning skills.

  • Journey

    Community and authentic learning.  Providing an holistic education, Journey sees students learning life skills, and gaining a greater awareness of themselves as responsible global citizens.

Discovery Skills Matrix

The curriculum, which is skills-based, allows students to show their capability and reach beyond their potential. these critical skills are those that prepare students to become life-long learners and shape the qualities required to become a life-long learner.

Our curriculum is one that evolves for each student and is transferable throughout different disciplines and subjects. It is not subject-specific, but rather a way of linking seemingly unrelated topics and subject areas. This allows for an onward journey through further education and life, equipping our learners with strategies and techniques to embrace any situation encountered.

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