To educate for a future that is creative and sustainable.


In a natural, sustainable environment ʵ aspires to provide an accessible, uniquely caring learning community in which students confidently create and navigate their own learning pathways. We do so with respect and appreciation of diversity, equity, justice and our place in a changing world. 

Educating for the Future  

A relentless focus on learning is our core reason for being. Facing the continually evolving knowledge, changing work and new technologies, we want each student to shape their preferred future, to be agile and creative thinkers; to be problem solvers and solution shapers for the challenges of the coming years. Learners at Billanook know how to learn and understand their own learning style. They possess entrepreneurial, social and interpersonal communication skills and understand the value of teamwork and collaboration. As reflective and critical thinkers, they create new knowledge in a purposeful and courageous manner and understand the responsibility that comes with this – the need to be compassionate, ethical and globally aware.  

Building Capacity in Our People  

Billanook recognises that its greatest strength lies in its people. We invest in our people, building their capacity as leaders, learners and team members to make our School a better place. We want our students to have agency, to be future makers and future takers.  

Developing our Learning Environment  

The College is blessed to be situated in an environment of natural beauty and tranquility. We want our students to learn about the limits of the world’s resources, to understand sustainability, and to celebrate the environment it can make possible. Our built environment rests gently within this space and both are integral to achieving our vision for learning. Members of our community are encouraged to take responsibility for, and play an active role in, creating a sustainable future for all.  

Belonging to Billanook’s Community  

Members of our community truly feel that they Belong at Billanook. We value the diverse gifts of each and every member of our community, drawing strength from the interconnectedness of students, parents and the School. We maintain the College’s founding vision that a Billanook education is accessible to families who are willing to commit to contributing to their children’s independent education. We will continue our steps towards a more simplified fee model, endeavouring to keep our fees within reach of families in our region.  

Connecting with the World  

We live in an interconnected world; one that is rapidly changing and requires our students to be agile and adaptive in nature. We want our students to recognise the inequalities, conflict and instability affecting so many parts of the world, to embrace and celebrate cultural diversity, and understand the imperative to actively participate in their world and shape their future. 

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