ʵ is highly regarded for its comprehensive student support program which has been developed to maximize each student’s experience and outcome of their time while studying at the College.  

The College is staffed by a team of caring professionals who work together to make the educational experience of our International Students one of excellence. The interests of each individual are given the highest priority. 

“ʵ offers some very unique subjects and learning experiences when compared to many other Independent Schools in Australia. The care, guidance and support offered to International Students and their families by ʵ continues to be of an exemplary standard.” 

Ms Jill Zhang, AIDE Education & Migration Services – Melbourne, Australia  

Key advantages of a ʵ Education: 

  • Excellent International Student support model 
  • A peaceful and safe study location 
  • College Managed Homestay Accommodation Program  
  • Modern Learning Facilities
  • Large range of subjects  
  • Relatively Small International Program which provides individual student care and attention 

“We continue to have a strong and productive relationship with ʵ over the past 18 years. The International Program Staff at ʵ offer wonderful support to the students and their families from Enrolment Application through to Graduation.” 

Ms Bessie Li, AUSTAR Group – Shanghai, P.R. China  

ʵ welcomes expressions of interest by both on-shore and off-shore Agencies who are interested in expanding the schools they represent. 

Agents are keenly sought to represent ʵ for the promotion of full-time studies on Student Visas or on other Temporary Visa sub-classes.

ʵ currently has a number of Written Agreements of Representation:

For further enquiries relating to our registered Agents or from interested Agencies, please contact: registrar@billanook.vic.edu.au

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