The ʵ Early Learning Program for three and four year old children invites them to participate in an open learning community where their natural wonder, curiosity and questioning is guided through play to exploration and discovery, all whilst developing social connections and skills that prepare them for their Primary School years.

We recognise every child will take a unique learning path during their growth and development. The Early Learning Program at Billanook, know as our ELP, will nurture and develop individual needs, interests and abilities, whilst developing important communication and language (literacy) skills.

Children as Capable Citizens


Our learners are capable of participating and contributing to the culture of their learning environment.


Relationships are Central to Wellbeing and Learning


Fostering warm and respectful relationships supports our learners to develop a strong sense of wellbeing and identity.



Our Environment


Our natural environment plays a significant role in children’s learning, acting as a ‘third teacher’.


Culture of Learning


In a safe and nurturing environment, our early learners are guided to develop and refine their skills through play.


Diversity is Celebrated


We celebrate the unique differences of each child, family and educator, reflecting our diverse cultures, families and identities.


Community and Connection


We work to create strong connections within the classroom, the wider College community and by acknowledging First Nations’ cultures and connection to Country.


Educators Engage in a Culture of Inquiry

Our Educators continuously work towards a collaborative environment, with high expectations, respect for each other’s practice and expertise, using contemporary practice and research, while supporting one another to engage in reflective practice.


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