Our Past Students, our Alumni, are an important sector of our College community. They keep the memories alive, provide important information and support to the College, and most significantly, by being engaged with the College, provide direction and inspiration to our current students.

With over 100 second generation students (children of parents who also attended Billanook) studying at the College, we are proud that so many of our Alumni are making Billanook a family tradition.

To keep up with events and hear from other Alumni, sign up to the ʵ Alumni Facebook Page. We also regularly provide photos of alumni gatherings and news of Past Student achievements through the official ʵ Facebook page. We love to hear from our Past Students, so please stay in touch.

Milestone Reunions

Each year the College holds the following milestone reunions for past students:

  • 5 Years out
  • 10 Year
  • 20 Year
  • 30 Year
  • 40 Year

Upcoming Reunions

Get ready to get all nostalgic….. below are the dates for our up-and-coming 2024 reunions.

40 Year Reunion – Class of 1984 – Friday 19 January
30 Year Reunion Class of 1994 – Friday 19 January
20 Year Reunion Class of 2004 – Friday 1 March
10 Year Reunion Class of 2014 – Friday 3 May
5 Year Reunion Class of 2019 – Friday 7 June

For further information, please check out the group, or email Kaela Ontong, Alumni Officer, ʵ e: Kaela.Ontong@billanook.vic.edu.au

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