The Middle Years: 7 to 9

During these critical years of adolescence, Billanook recognises the need for careful pastoral support that provides the basis for Middle Years schooling.

We work closely in partnership with parents, to ensure that every child feels confident and empowered to fulfil their potential.

A Learning Community supporting your child

Each student in Middle School is supported by a deeply connected network that includes staff, parents, peers and specialist support. Critical to this community is the role of ‘Head of Year’ who walks the three-year learning journey from Year 7 to 9 alongside each child. This model ensures that every child is uniquely understood and accepted.

Parents can be comfortable in the knowledge their child will be known as an individual and that together we can make a difference in the growth of the child.

A cross-disciplinary approach

The Middle Years is a time when strengthening the fundamentals of early education is paramount. Our staff will encourage and build confidence in your child so they think critically and creatively, solve problems effectively, and seek sources of personal inspiration.

Our Learning Framework enhances the skills and knowledge of every learning experience – broadening the mind and encouraging lateral thinking. Our commitment to serving others with compassion creates a safe but challenging environment for your child as they progress through their unique learning journey.

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